Monday, 24 March 2008

When SEO gets you higher than Wikipedia

I feel my working in optimising The Black Rat restaurant website has working well and now that the most important term 'black rat winchester' is ranked 1 in google. But for the last week or two the site has risen above Wikipedia page for 'Black Rat' so is no1 for 'black rat' and 'the black rat' which is quite good I think for a site of this site size on a generic term. I am guessing the engines can figure the different market of food rather than animal. It is showing 3 parts to the search black rat, black rat cider and other terms.

My other problem seems to have ordered better in the search pages too. This blog was up first with posts and was ranking better and still sends traffic to the site, I think pre-announcing sites seems to work well.

At work we are working on languages and so a bit more of a mixed market and no clear products. Cactus Language Courses UK

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