Thursday, 17 November 2011

This week I have mostly been looking for freelance work and django

This week I have mostly been getting my head into Python and learning django for my new blog/portfolio site. I want to find some more evening feelance work so time to get my pencil and code out on something for myself and get my self a new site so I can show some of the work I have been doing and see if I can get some more.

Things I have learnt about django so far that had caught me out:
It caches code to memory so use the test server and restart alot, this caught me out as sometimes files would update and sometimes not.
The django 4 stage tutorial is good and worth doing but I was trying to skip ahead and bring in other snippets for template creation and they were breaking because I had missed some small details on imports. So worth going slowly. The tutorial is nice as it does things basically and then goes back and layers over the last function with more features so you build up knowledge.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Still here

Not so happy with the new minimal Blogger so am learning more Python and django so will be seeking to have some hacking weekends next month and get something new up and make more effort to post a bit. I find twitter so easy to brain dump, share and blog in that its hard to take the time to write more.

1. get fit
2. get a django site up
3. post more blogs