Sunday, 21 June 2009

Podcast take away lessons now included in Spanish course

Get extra value from your Spanish evening course from Cactus Language courses UK.
The Spanish courses in the UK and USA now have 10 hour lessons added to the 10week course. So you can take your teacher with you for extra training and extra help with your home study. You'll learn faster and can listen again at your own pace.

This is extra to your course so extra value from one of the UK's leading and most popular courses in London and 25 schools accoss the UK.

Come see them today.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Are 1milliontweets worth the $1 they cost

I hope it becomes clearer as the idea grows and the promotion for this new cause to use Twitter gains steam.

@1milliontweets is an account for a charity that is asking for $1 to tweet through their account. They hope to reach 1 million tweets and their by write a book and raise some money for their causes. The Twestival for water charity was really well supported and I feel went with the theme of twitter for social gathering. This seems to cache in on the million dollar homepage that got a lots of publicity.

For a charity fair enough, but for twitter in this way I am not sure how good it is on a new account. When I wrote this had 173 followers, so the value to people sending messages at the moment is around that mark, where as after a few hundred thousand messages $1 will go a lot further for a company. Also with twitter being as it is you could just @1milliontweets or #1milliontweets in your message and it will be almost as effective.

Anyway we can watch and wait for how this works for them.