Friday, 7 March 2008

Googel Analytics gets benchmarking

Benchmarking (Beta) is now an option on Google Analytics. You have to choose to share your data with google. I have not found exactly what is shared, but it seems it is for AdWords and AdSence and ultimately what having this product must have been bought for by Google.

Once selected you have to wait 2 weeks for it to share enough data. So maybe it is taking some of the data as a copy as It has plenty of old data. I will have to wait and see what market it puts the sites in for comparison.

I have a service running on my google homepage from Analytics Index.
This compares stats but you can choose which of the 10 you share.

I think the industry should start to move to sets of % stats greater than visits and page views a month.
There set of titles seem good to me.
Bounce Rate
Unique Visitors
% New Visitors
Avg Visits / Visitor
Bounce Rate
Length of Visit Short (0-60s) Medium (61-600s) Long (601s +)
Conversion Rate
Avg Order Value
Revenue Revenue per Visit
Visits to Purchase
Time to Purchase

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