Monday, 9 December 2013

When work slows for winter, my mind moves to Startup

So, I have been pondering my bootstrap idea for a bit over a year now, and feel that if I dont make time for it I wont do it. So have been taking the time at christmas parties and meet ups to pitch it to other people. This has been a very valuable idea, a. because drunk people are difficult to persuade so takes good clear effort and b. some of the people I have talked to early in an evening have turned to very possible leads.

It has given me confidence in the idea and trying to keep it simple. I have two or three business people interested in trying a beta of it so , better get my coding skates on over Christmas.

All I will say for now is I need to name it, and its and Analytics SaaS web app, and is not a real time dashboard in node. (like the all sub 20 year olds and measure bowling were running, kids ! )

Also thanks to Peter and Emmanuel who might work with me on this and have been good sounding boards so far.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Looking back at my 2012 web predictions with @haydens30

Just took a look at the email I saved to my dropbox 12/12/2011 for a look back at my 2012 web predictions with @haydens30. I didn't do too bad if maybe 6/12 months early on some. 1. Yes. I think we can say social is at a high, not sure if it will go higher or just settle. 2. Yes. More learn and bootstrap businesses and ones focusing on profit not user numbers. 3. Yes. Not sure they made a backlash but even Rupert Murdoch digital paper has struggled to stay open 4. Yes. Cant go a day without someone saying it. 5. Yes. And predicted RIM fail, even though was fairly clear, I am happy with it. Almost time for this years ones. Anyone else? 2012 web predictions In response to Hayden Sutherland ( @haydens30 ) 1. Social will peak late in the year so we will either have a crash or first it will need stronger understanding of kpis 2. New business models that make sense to use for online businesses will become usable. More work practice understanding not money business. 3. The first newspaper to fold or stop printing will come and blame online. 4. Responsive design will be what it is requested from the start 5. More old tech will be abandoned and die. Like adobe giving up flash to progress. Mobile forms of apps will mean you don't need the old legacy option. So RIM and others will fall. "the fall of old to evolution" ie company will build new and let old die

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Launched rebranded and now responsive Luxury travel site Mirus Journeys

Launched a site rebrand under a new name of Mirus Journeys this week while at Wild Dog Design - Its my first big responsive site (based on Joomla 3 for those who are interested). Been a nice project to work on and John who did the front end dev and Stan who did some of the design have been good to work with. What do you think?