Monday, 27 August 2007

Very Offline 2.0 or too much money

I got a nice summery gift card in the post on thursday wishing me good luck in my new job. I thought that was nice as none of my friends had yet. And it felt like it was from a friend. But it was from an employment agency. I have got my job with Click with Technology though an agency, but not this agency.

It was a nice card like for a birthday or some other event, not a mass printed company card, and not a postcard. It was even hand written to me. But why would the nice lady at Milk send me a card? They are not getting any money from me and Computer People were very nice and helped with the job but they did not send me a card. So why?

I think it is one of two things Offline2.0/Web2.0 or too much money. They have been sending lots of personal emails out with job positions and even a party to meet people and find work. So looks like they are going after lifetime contacts. I mean sending a card for 1 or 2 pounds for the chance of a referral or working with them again is probably alot cheaper than other methods. It is certainly more personal and interactive. That card has sat in my kitchen on a pile of papers for a few days, before being filed (I could not quite throw it away, it was nice), that has got to be alot more brand visibility than an email i got last week that i will never go back to with job offers.

So probably a good idea or one for a company throwing money around when dealing with one-to-one relationships not just a mail shot. I do not think I will use Milk as most of their jobs were not near me, but there is a good chance I'll talk about them, like here. I have been called by 20-30 or more agencies (or job site surfers doing match making) in 2 months so if you stick out I guess it helps.

Good luck to them

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