Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Google Maps now list user results from MyMaps

I have just noticed that Google Maps is now listing the data added from My Maps (google users saved public maps).

I noticed this when I searched for the restaurant I just did a site on and the results include the cutom map I had made for their website, and my result is first for the user content.,+winchester&ie=UTF8&z=13&om=1

So at the bottom of the Search results for Local business matches there is a link for "See user-created content" and you get a list of all pins added by users that match the search.

So Red pins for Google and then click and see blue pins from users

This makes another great SEO/SEM option to get exactly the copy you want into the local restults and AT THE MOMENT the only things commonly listed are people giving driections to friends. I.e. Small coverage and not so specific, and as we all know that makes a good target to give good data.

At the moment you do have to click to this extra content, but there are few results and maybe other searches on google services mix the results on the same page?

So off to create map locations of all the sites I work on and key locations for their content....

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