Monday, 27 August 2007

People value listings

It has been so nice and easy to promote the restaurant site I have just done. There are hundreds of sites listing and talking about food, drink and listings on maps.

Most of the sites I have worked on are hard to find back links and communities for, they are magazines and media brands. They talk about other people but are only talked about by business. To work with a brand that offers a physical product is a nice change. Also a product that fits into listings just gets eaten up on the internet.

As I see it the main avenues are:
  • Listed in directory listings
  • Listed in guides listings on a subject
  • Reviewed in press
  • Reviewed by people
  • Enter awards for mentions
  • Write a blog around the restaurant or an aspect and get links to that.
  • Guest in other media or properties, like magazines or judging panels
  • Write a column on another site
  • Make some content that people can syndicate on there site.
So on to the searching an linking and back to the comments later.

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