Wednesday, 19 September 2007

When technology moves on in the Mobile world

When technology moves on and you can't find old spares it is very annoying and looks like everyone is after your money for something better than you need.

It feels like only yesterday that shops could not get enough mobile phone accessories, but now click the fingers and they are all gone. I must admit the cheap headphones and cases never were made well or had long shelf life but lots of people wanted them. Now it seems we have moved to the next level and making bluetooth headsets is a little harder.

I only noticed this change in my local world when my audio connection to the digital world vanished one night last week. I swear i know where i put my phone headset but now the fairies, washing machine, or small son has made off with them. My newish nokia n73 and commute to work are now devoid of interest and full of other peoples noise. My itunes is full of great podcasts and the radio is passing me by too. So i thought they'll turn up i'll just get a cheap set while i wait but no, the shops are now empty.

Why did they stop selling? I guess the market has moved or the chinese workshops are spending there time learning and stocking new christmas gadgets.

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