Thursday, 13 September 2007

Second: Hit the directories

Next it was off to take the search results and generate back links on any restaurant directory I could find.

All offer slightly different listings so I thought I would show our listing where it is live. Some sites review the posts so you have to wait a few days. Some like Google Local even call or send you a card to your address to prove it is real.
I'll write some more about getting listed and what results the sites gave soon.
- Found this page by a random route on the homepage but not listed if you just search from the main site.
- The other way I found on to the map is by creating your own maps in google and then the results come up in web searches, which is nice. - add a forum post and review - wikipedia's travel site, not many there which is good. uses results - This has a nice interface to add description of the business, using a fill in the blanks on existing sentences

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