Sunday, 17 June 2007

New Restaurant in Winchester

Come eat in Winchester. My brother was in the kitchen for the opening of his new restaurant The Black Rat. (88 Chesil Street. 01962 844465) Owned by the guy who runs the famous The Black Boy pub (and a review) round the corner it is a great gastro feast. On the corner on Chesil Street and Wharf Hill, at the lower end of Winchester on the way to Bar End and the Water Medows.

They opened quietly on friday 15th June, and I'll get an update later today from my sister who went to Saturday with friends. He is sharing the kitchen and running of the place. But as he has run other kitchens and hotel kitchens I am sure it will be great!

So who am I to say any more but go there and EAT!


  1. nice friendly place and it was quite busy when we were there. 4 stars from me and my wife.

  2. We went on 29th June with four mates and had a lovely evening. Great food, lovely simple contemporary decor in a quirky old building, friendly service. Fairly expensive, but no more than any other good restaurant in town. Good news to have more upmarket, tasteful places to choose from!