Thursday, 8 May 2008

Follow up to SEO best restaurant ranking work

I think I can count as a success the couple of tweaks on the black rat website and the Best Restaurant list post that I made here. Blogger has some nice weight for this blog now. Also I am working in a market that is not that competitive but I am moving up the rankings against some big sites.

I now have ranking on google for 4th and 5th for for 'best restaurant winchester' and 5th and 6th for 'best restaurant in winchester'. And even better number 7 after the map list for 'restaurant winchester'. I will follow up in the next moth if that has given more traffic on those searches.

Month from 2008-4-8
restaurants winchester 14
winchester restaurants 9
winchester restaurant 6
winchester lunch restaurant 2


  1. Last 7 days these have been the winchester keywords:

    private dining winchester 3
    restaurants in winchester 2
    good restaurant winchester 2
    michelin star restaurants in winchester 1
    pub restaurant winchester 1
    best restaurants in winchester 1
    michelin star restaurant in winchester 1
    best food winchester 1
    winchester best restaurants 1
    michelin winchester 1

  2. The simple SEO is starting to pay off for 'restaurant winchester' number 4 on Google after the map links. And number 5 for 'winchester restaurant'. Those will not be improved on I think but for so little work on my side I would think more restaurants should be on the first page.

  3. Noticed we are on domz which can't hurt