Monday, 5 November 2007

Proving your worth online, can I trust this person

This is something that I come round to now and then, and when signing up and entering details into another website that needs a profile.

Where do you find out who a person is and if they should be trusted or worked with. This is because online trust has a big part to play in relationships and business.

Other points
No of posts
Comments by others
Several sources saying the same thing

Shared interests and feeling are the biggest thing that pulls people together. Be that your interests or tags or conversations or simply being on the same site sharing an experience.

Building a picture of me online
These need to be recognisable to other people.

Amazon profile
Ebay profile - star rating, comments, time a member, lack of negative comments.
FaceBook profile - to those who can see it
LinkedIn profile - public or shared version. Employment history indicators, Recommendations, number of connections.
Current company - listed on the company website to prove your working there
Personal homepage
Personal Blog - this does not have to be on personal things but be your writing.
Yahoo profile
MSN profile
MySpace page

Personal for me:
BoardGameGeek profile - interested, games owned, comments made, thumbs up given, contributions made.

Will keep looking this week for more examples.

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